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Regardless of how you cook, whether it's on charcoal, wood, gas or electric, the real taste of summer can be yours with our gourmet BBQ products.

Model: The Deluxe BBQ Box
The Deluxe BBQ Box has everything you need for a really special BBQ this Spring & Summer, even suitable for cooking indoors.All our products are freshly prepared & suitable for home freezing.This delicious deluxe box contains:4x 4oz Butcher's Recipe Beef Ham (plain or spiced)500g Chicken Gou..
Ex Tax:£44.99
Model: Family BBQ Bonanza
Our Bradys Family Bonanza BBQ is ideal to enjoy with family & friends this spring/summer, also great for a delicious evening meal.All our products are freshly prepared & suitable for home freezingOur Bradys Family Bonanza Box contains these delicious products:1x 500g BBQ Ribs1x 500g Chines..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Model: 1kg Chicken Thighs
1kg Chicken Thighs These can be Plain or Flavoured (tell us in the comments box when you are checking out which you would prefer)..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Model: 4 x Jumbo Chilli and Cheese Sausages
4 x Jumbo Chilli and Cheese Sausages  (min weight 580g)..
Ex Tax:£2.99
Model: 4x 4oz Original Peppered Minute Steaks
4x 4oz Original Peppered Minute Steaks..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Model: 4x Garlic Chicken Steaks
4x Garlic Chicken Steaks..
Ex Tax:£2.99
Model: 4x Italian Jumbo Sausage
4x Italian Jumbo Sausage (min weight 580g)..
Ex Tax:£5.50
Model: 4x Jumbo Pork Links
4x Jumbo Pork Links (min weight 580g)..
Ex Tax:£2.80
Model: 4x Jumbo Salt and Pepper Sausages
4x Jumbo Salt and Pepper Sausages..
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: 500g BBQ/Teriyaki/Chinese Ribs
550g Ribs, perfect for the BBQChoose from 3 delicious flavours:BBQTeriyakiChineseTell us in the comments box when you're checking out which flavour you would like...
Ex Tax:£1.99
Model: BBQ Belter Box
Our Bradys BBQ Belter box is ideal for the BBQ season, a delicious evening meal our a small gathering with family & friends.Our BBQ Belter box contains these tasty products:1 x 500g BBQ Ribs1 x 500g Teriyaki Ribs1kg Salt and Pepper Fresh Chicken Wings6 x  Beef Links Sausages6 x  Pork..
Ex Tax:£24.99
Model: Chicken Pakora (1kg)
1kg Chicken Pakora with a delicious separate Chili SauceOur Chicken Pakora is ideal for a weekend treat or as part of a buffet.To cook the Chicken Pakora, spread out evenly on a nonstick baking tray in cook in the oven (200 c/ 180c fan/ gas 5) for 10-15 minutes.Serve with the chili sauce/sour cream ..
Ex Tax:£10.99
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