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BBQ PIC N MIX 8 for £37.00

BBQ PIC N MIX 8 for £37.00
BBQ PIC N MIX 8 for £37.00
Ex Tax:£37.00

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Choose any 8 of these tasty BBQ products for only £37.00

Select from:

1kg Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings

1kg Chinese Chicken Thighs

4 x Chicken Burgers

4 x Garlic  Chicken Burgers

4 x Jumbo Chilli & Cheese Sausages

4 x Jumbo Honey & Mustard Sausages

4 x 4 oz Chinese Pork Steaks

4 x 4 oz Handmade Steak Burgers

2 x 8 oz Aberdeen Angus flavoured Steak Burgers

2 x 6oz Peppered  Scottish Sirloin Steaks

500 grams BBQ Pork Ribs

500 grams Pork Chinese Ribs

4 x Handmade Beef Koftas

4 x Handmade Lamb Koftas

5 x Chicken Kebabs   (state in the comments your flavouring, choose from: Garlic, Chinese, Peri Peri, Salt &Pepper, Honey BBQ)

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