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Model: Diced Beef 500g
Our Diced Steak Beef is hand-cut by our Craft Butchers, You'll taste the difference in your cooking with our mouth-watering Diced Steak Beef.Our Diced Steak Beef is ideal for making simple dishes like Scottish Beef Stew.To cook, heat a pan on medium heat, add 1 chopped onion, 2 medium carrots,2..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Model: Peppered Steak Burger 6oz
Our hand-made, hand-pressed Peppered Steak Burgers are created by our own team of craft Butchers.Our delicious Beef is lightly seasoned with pepper  then shaped by hand. Giving you the perfect Burger for a delicious meal.Our hand-made Peppered Burgers are delicious served on a br..
Ex Tax:£1.10
Model: Ribeye Beef Steak (8oz)
Our Ribeye steaks are eminent for their delicacy and rich muscular flavour. One of the tastiest cuts and a most loved of steak darlings, our ribeye steaks are taken from the eye of the rib, which gives the rib eye a lot of fat marbling. This makes it awesome for cooking, includes flavour and stops t..
Ex Tax:£6.00
Model: Ribeye Roasting Joint 1kg
Our Ribeye Roasting Joint is hand prepare by our Craft Butchers. This cut has been aged for a minimum of 21 days to ensure a richer, deeper flavour.Top-quality Beef makes for top-quality joints and they don’t come any better than Ribeye. Heavily marbled it cooks in its own juices to provide a tende..
Ex Tax:£16.00
Model: Sirloin Steak (8oz)
Our Sirloin steaks are freshly prepared by our craft butchers, cut fresh for every order.Our Sirloin steaks make a luxurious meal, served with chunky chips, a vegetable side dish of your choice & a Peppercorn or Diane sauceTo cook your Sirloin steak we suggest removing your steak from ..
Ex Tax:£6.50
Model: Striploin Joint
Our Striploin joint is essentially a whole joint of sirloin steaks. This is very popular with our existing customers who like to cut up their own steaks letting them define the thickness.As with all our Sirloins, the flavour and texture is delicious. Off the bone and trimmed down to just the best te..
Ex Tax:£9.99
Model: T-Bone Beef Steak 500g
Our T-bone Steak, including rich delicate fillet steak on one side of the bone and rich flavoursome sirloin steak on the other, is a genuine treat for all meat lovers as it gives you the best of two astounding steaks in one dinner. Delicious, delicate and succulent, our T-bone steaks are trimmed and..
Ex Tax:£12.50
Model: 1/2 Block Italian Steak Lorne
Hand made by our team of specialist craft butchers using our secret herb and spice recipe.1/2 Block (Approx 12 slices)Our hand made Italian Steak Lorne is perfect on a roll, with a slice of Mozzarella Cheese & a slice of Tomato.Gently fry the Italian Steak Lorne in a teaspoon of oil, for about 2..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Model: 12x Plain Meatballs
12x Plain Beef Meatballs handmade by our butchers...
Ex Tax:£5.50
Model: 4oz Italian Sausage Burger
Our Italian Burgers are handmade, by our craft butchers. Our ground Beef is mixed with a secret blend of herbs & spices, shaped by hand. To give you the perfect burger for a delicious meal.Our hand made Italian burgers are delicious served on a Ciabatta roll, with rocket, tomato & a sli..
Ex Tax:£1.19
Model: 4x 4oz Lean Beef Burgers (4% Fat)
Our new Lean Burgers are now available to buy in this special offer...4x 4oz Lean Beef Burgers (4% Fat) for just £3.49.You can have these plain or peppered...
Ex Tax:£3.49
Model: 4x 6oz Larder Trimmed Dark Isle Sirloin Steaks
4x 6oz Larder Trimmed Dark Isle Sirloin Steaks - £14.00 - - -  LIMITED TIME ONLY - - - Dark Isle Scottish Sirloin Steak  - Aged to Perfection - 28 days matured Scotch BeefOur Dark Isle range is our specially selected grass-fed Scottish Beef which is born and reared in Scotland.Ou..
Ex Tax:£14.99
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