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Leg of Lamb (Boned & Rolled)

Leg of Lamb (Boned & Rolled)
Leg of Lamb (Boned & Rolled)
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Our Leg of Lamb (Boned & Rolled) is freshly prepared by our Craft Butchers.

Our Leg Of Lamb is cut from the finest British lamb.

To cook, heat your oven to 120C /100C fan /gas ½., place your largest lidded casserole dish on the hob and brown the seasoned leg of lamb on all sides, until it is a good dark brown colour, allow 10 mins on a high heat, it may smoke, pour away any fat that has collected in the bottom of the pan, add 4 sliced onions, 4 roughly chopped carrots, 4 garlic cloves(whole), 300mls of white wine and 300mls of a stock of your choice. Season and bring to the boil, then place your lid on your dish (cover with aluminium foil if you don't have a lid) and put in the oven. Bake for 5 hrs, turning twice during the cooking time.

Serve with Garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables & a mint sauce.

(Cooking times may vary depending on the weight of your Leg of Lamb)

Various weights are available from the drop-down option.

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