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Meat Packs

Meat Packs
Model: Beef Fillet Joint 500g+
Our succulent Beef Fillet Joint is expertly prepared by our Craft Butchers, cut from our finest beef to ensure a luxurious roasting joint. Our Beef fillet is matured for a minimum of 21 days giving the succulent flavour & tenderness to the joint for the perfect roast dinner.For the perfect Beef ..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Model: Family Banquet
Our Family Banquet includes the following gourmet products:For recipe ideas view the products individual listing on the websiteSilverside Roasting Joint (2Kg)4 X 6oz Steak Burgers (680g)4 X 6oz Peri Peri Burgers (680g)4 X Chicken Fillet (800g)4 X Chicken Fillet with Garlic & Butter (800g)4 X 6o..
Ex Tax:£64.49
Model: Family Favourites
Our Family Favourites includes the following gourmet products:4 x 6oz Rump Steaks (680g)Steak Mince Extra Lean (500g)6 x 6oz Succulent Gammon Steaks (1Kg)Diced Beef Extra Lean (500g)6 x 200g Chicken Fillets (1.2Kg)6 x 6oz Steak Beef Burgers (1Kg)6 x  Pork Sausages (300g)6 x Slices of Back..
Ex Tax:£38.49
Model: 10 Marinated Chicken Fillets
10 x 200g Marinated Chicken FilletsThese are packaged for freshness in two fillets per pack, our succulent breasts are ideal for lunch or dinner. Choose from these Mouth-Watering flavours :BBQTandooriGarlic and herbItalianPiri PiriOriental Salt & PepperTikka GlazeFor a light bite cook your ..
Ex Tax:£17.50
Model: Brady's Bumper Box
The Brady's Bumper Box is ideal for a busy family, all products are fresh & suitable for home freezing.For recipe ideas check out our products individual listings on the website.1 x 2 kg Pork Shoulder1 x 1 kg Gammon Joint8 x Pork Links4 x 4 oz Beef Fillet6 x 4 oz Pork Chops8 x Lorne Sausage Slic..
Ex Tax:£45.49
Model: Brady's Fridge Filler
Our Fridge Filler includes the following gourmet products:12 Slices of Square12 Pork Links12 Beef Links4 Chicken Steaks4 Gammon Steaks1kg Bacon8 4oz Pork Chops..
Ex Tax:£21.99
Model: Brady's Healthy Option Box
Our Brady's healthy option box offers you a variety of tasty & lean products to make amazing meals.All of these gourmet products for just £55.494 x Plain Chicken breasts4 x 6oz Rump medallions3 x 500g Lean Steak mince (less than 5% fat)3 x 500g Diced Chicken 3 x 500g Turkey mince4 x 8oz Turkey s..
Ex Tax:£55.49
Model: Brady's Muscle Protein Pack
Our carefully selected Brady's Muscle Pack is packed full of an amazing selection of your favourite lean cuts.  A great box for bodybuilders, slimmer's or large families alike, this pack contains lots of high protein quality meats, great for a healthy eating plan.Our Bradys Muscle Prote..
Ex Tax:£32.49
Model: Butcher's Essential
Our Butcher's Essential Choice has all the family meals sorted!For just £40.99 this box contains:For recipe ideas check out our products individual listing on the website.1.5kg Silverside1 kg Diced Beef1 kg Steak Mince6 x Chicken Breasts6 x Pork Chops6 x Beef Links6 x Pork Links1 x 400g Back Ba..
Ex Tax:£42.49
Model: Lockdown 2.0 Box
Our Lockdown 2.0 Box Saves you money! Saves you queuing at the supermarket! 15 meals for £43.99That's just £2.86 per meal!This amazing box contains: 1 kg Beef Joint1kg Gammon Joint2 x 6oz Beef Fillets2 x 6oz Ribeye8 x 4oz Beef Burgers4 x Chinese Glazed Pork Chops4 x Pork Chops6 x Gammon St..
Ex Tax:£45.49
Model: Mega Muscle Protein Pack
Our carefully selected Mega Muscle Protein Pack is packed full of an amazing selection of your favourite lean cuts. You really are getting a huge amount of meat for your money!A great box for bodybuilders, slimmer's or large families alike, this pack contains lots of high protein quality meats,..
Ex Tax:£60.50
Model: Mid-Week Saver Box
This box is ideal for meal prep the night before or a quick, healthy and nutritious meals  - ONLY £25.49 You can make up to 9 different meals from our tasty range designed to keep life simple! (91p per meal person based on a family of four) Mid-Week Saver Box contains: · &nb..
Ex Tax:£25.49
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